The Beis Shlomo Zalmen Pre School is a relaxed and intimate preschool where children learn in a warm and nurturing environment and can grow and blossom in all domains: emotionally, cognitively, and physically.  Since the formative years of education are the foundation that lays the groundwork for the future, each individual child is treated like a bud that is nurtured and cultivated with lots of warmth and care.  This will shape and develop children so that they can reach their fullest potential.  Our program provides children with the necessary structure and skills to ensure a smooth transition to elementary school and beyond. 

Children learn various skills related to literacy, reasoning, and decision making as well as socializing.  We build self esteem and confidence and foster independence.  The basis of most of our program is through instilling Jewish values and culture.  Children are surrounded by those precepts throughout their school day.  Respect for others, kindness, and being a contributing member of society are some of the basic principles that are integrated in the lessons that are hands on.  The children practice what they learn by actually giving tzedakah and doing other mitzvahs as part of their daily routine or interactive play. 

A child’s experience in Beis Shlomo Zalmen is enriching, inspiring, and stimulating.  We hope to create a life long passion for learning and exploring their Jewish heritage.  We recognize and respect each child’s unique qualities and needs that he or she brings along as well as his or her interests and passions.  Children are unique, inquisitive, creative, and passionate.  We treasure each child that becomes a member of our family and strive to build a strong sense of community between parents, teachers, and children.  




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